Futures are made in the classroom.   

There’s nothing more rewarding than being the impact that makes the difference in a child’s life. Build your career in a South Dakota classroom. Be a change-maker. Make a future…making futures.

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Make a future, making futures

Your place is ready.

Seeking a career that appeals to your desire to have an impact? South Dakota communities big, small and everywhere in between are seeking educators ready to inspire excellence.

Dignity of Earth and Sky sculpture
Change of Place

Seeking a change from the ordinary?

A change of pace is on your horizon in South Dakota — where the value of an education is matched only by the gratitude of communities built on a spirit of learning and adventure.

Telling the South Dakota story.

Take it from the impact-makers right here in South Dakota — our communities value the importance of helping future generations become who they’re meant to be.

There’s something special about teaching in South Dakota.

It’s the fact that you can live a city lifestyle or head for the quiet of the hills or prairies. You can build real community here, and schools are an integral part of the lifestyle.

South Dakota countryside Feels like home

Inspiring Destinations

Whether you get jazzed by the bustle of a city, the charm of small-town life, or the solitude of a sparse landscape, our quality of life is second to none.

Amazing Natural Beauty

South Dakota has no shortage of iconic and breathtaking escapes, from otherworldly National Parks to peaceful lake getaways to historic landmarks.

Why South Dakota?

There's a lot to love about our state — whether you're born and raised, a next-door neighbor or seeking a change of place with a change of pace, find it here.

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